About us

Harebell Vintage Co.


Jenni & Sharon (Harebell Vintage Co) plus the workshop cat

The company was formed by Jenni Keer and Sharon Teague in 2017 when a selection of beautiful Edwardian marquetry panels came into their possession. No longer likely to be used in the manufacture of furniture, they believe the veneers will make interesting and beautiful pieces of art. These are currently only available to buy at fairs and events.

The panels have been gently cleaned, removing some of the 100 year old dust and dirt, to reveal the incredibly bright colours beneath. It’s very hard to believe these were not made yesterday but the fascinating newspaper backings reveal their true age.

Harebell Vintage also deal in other vintage items, but the marquetry is the main focus of the company at the present time. Recently the marquetry designs have been reproduced in to a range of greeting cards that are available at events.

Century old craftsmanship for your home

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